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The Guarapiranga Program is a project jointly developed by the Government of the State of São Paulo and the Municipality of the City of São Paulo, with resources from IBRD - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The objective is to restore the water quality of the Guarapiranga waterbasin, which is responsible for the water supply of 3 million inhabitants of the south region of the city, as well as to improve the living standards of people living in the area.
The Secretariat for Housing and Urban Development carries out activities related to environmental and urban rehabilitation which are under the responsibility of the Municipality of São Paulo.
About 1/3 of the total area of the Guarapiranga Waterbasin is occupied by approximately 200 illegal allotments and 176 slums, which are responsible for the huge amount of waste carried to streams, degrading the quality of water and putting at risk the Guarapiranga reservoir as a source of water supply for the population. The problem is worsened by the precarious housing conditions of those families, whose houses are permanently exposed to land slides, flooding and diseases caused by the lack of basic sanitation.
One of the main objectives of the Environmental Sanitation Program of the Guarapiranga Waterbasin is to carry out the urban rehabilitation of the area. It includes the urbanization of slums and the supply of infrastructure for the destitute quarters, leading to the improvement of living standards and a better water quality of the rivers and streams which feed the Guarapiranga Reservoir. The program also foresees maintenance and enlargement of the present sewerage system, regular collection of solid waste, recovering of banks, paving of roads, and improvement of the transport system.
  From a 186 slums in total, the Guarapiranga program is finishing urbanization works in 14 slums, where was constructed 142 residential units, affuting about 2809 families. The program is beginning works in 129 others slums, bringing benefits to about 20.735 families.
1.996    -    LOT I       -    7 Favelas
1.997    -    LOT II      -    Nova Guarapiranga I e II
                  LOT III A  -    Jd. Sta. Tereza I
                                        Jd. Dionísio I e II
                                        Vila Santa Lúcia
                 Total  -  14 Slums delivered

1.997    -    Housing Complexes    -    Housing Complex Celso dos Santos
                                                          Housing Complex IV Centenário
                                                          Housing Complex Pascoal Melantonio

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